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2009 fall wheat Empty 2009 fall wheat

Post  ZionBrewing on Tue Dec 15, 2009 3:42 pm

This is the recipe for the 2009 fall wheat that we sampled last meeting. I did these seperate because I only have the equipment to do 5 gal. at a time. the two separate batches were added together after primary fermentation was done on both.
2 4.5gal Batch's 9 gal. total.
Grain Bill 1st batch
2 LB. Best light Munich
5 LB. Wheat
5 LB. 2nd Row
Mash In. 1.25 qt. per LB. of Grain-Temp 148*
Mash out and batch sparge 1.25 qt per LB Grain-Temp 172*
1oz. (Home Grown) Nugget @ 30 min
1/2oz. Nugget @ 30 min.
Primary- 2 weeks
White Labs Hefenweizen 5 Ale Yeast WLP380
Secondary- 3oz. fresh just picked wet Cascade
The second batch was same hop schedule, but the grain bill I used 2LB. Vienna(Germany) in stead of the Best light, to give the beer some more depth. This was brewed the same day I racked the first batch from the primary into the secondary. Then I used that primary carboy and the original yeast, Trub and all, and started the primary fermentation for the second batch. Using this method I had a very quick and vigorous ferment, With no off flavors. I am new to reusing yeast like this, but have read this can be done for up to 5 times before the yeast develops off flavors from trub. this fermented for another 2 weeks and was then racked on top 2oz. of dry cascade. mix both batches before bottling, bottle and enjoy in a month or two.
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