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Bob's Raspberry Mead Empty Bob's Raspberry Mead

Post  EricRuuska on Wed Jan 27, 2010 1:50 pm

Would Bob (Mr. Kennywood himself) be willing to share his recipe for the raspberry mead he brought to the last meeting? Please?

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Bob's Raspberry Mead Empty Mead Recipe

Post  Kennywood on Sun Apr 04, 2010 10:25 am

My apologies, Just getting to this Eric.

4 Gallons Water,
1 Gallon Honey (12 lbs)
10 lbs Frozen Raspberries.
2 sachets dry mead yeast

Dissolve the honey into the room temp water.
Crush the thawed fruit (preferred over fresh) by hand then and to the honey/water solution.
Pitch yeast and Primary ferment for 3 weeks then rack into a secondary.
After a month rack again, adding two campden tablets and 2-1/2 tsp Potassium Sorbate stirring well to dissolve.

The mead will be bone dry at this point and you'll need to back sweetewn it with honey. The added chemicals will prevent the yeast from fermenting the new honey addition.

Back Sweeten method:
Put a 3-4 oz sample of the mead into a glass, add a little honey at a time to the glass tasting as you go until you reach the desired level of sweetness, keep in mind if you go too sweet for your taste add back a little dry mead. (too sweet, too dry, just right method)
When you are satisfied with the level of sweetness take a gravity reading with your hydrometer.
Now, Add honey to your main batch, checking the gravity until you match your sample .

*** A good source of frozen fruit without additives is Gordons Food Service (aka: GFS) on route 30 Merrillville******
*****Honey, try costco or sams*******
Bottle it up!


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