Hardware review...bottle & carboy blaster.

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Hardware review...bottle & carboy blaster. Empty Hardware review...bottle & carboy blaster.

Post  Whatever on Fri Feb 05, 2010 12:34 am

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Price: $12

Mine is similar in design, but made with a curved brass tube.

Materials: All brass with rubber gasket...3/4" fpt. (standard garden hose/utility faucet thread)

Assembly: Simple. Thread on faucet. Place hand above to block small spit of water pressure. Turn on water.

Ease of use: Cheese. Place bottle/carboy/growler/corny keg/ sankey keg/ rubbermaid cooler on top and press down lightly on lever. To stop flow of water, stop pressing on lever.

Clean up: None...rinses itself off when rinsing vessels. Unscrew from faucet, shake dry.

Necessity factor (1 to 10): 9 out of 10. Even if you soak and scrub your vessels, you still need to rinse 'em right? Well, this high powered jet helps make sure all of the little nasties you helped free up with your bottle brush get flushed out of your stuff and down the drain.

Neat Factor (1 to 10): 10. Even if you don't use carboys or kegs or bottles, this thing is the cat's pajamas for rinsing out plastic fermenting buckets.

I bought mine before I ever brewed my first batch, and now I don't know how I could ever live without it. I have a garden hose variety brass quick disconnect screwed on to my utility faucet so I can quickly attach/detach three different water utilizing implements. The bottle blaster being one of them. With the quick disconnect setup, I can attach bottle blaster, rinse out a carboy/bottle/corny, and remove bottle blaster, all in less than one minute. I can also scrub several carboys and rinse clean in 10-15 minutes using this setup and a carboy brush.

Bottom line...I like it a bunch. Cleaning vessels and bottles still sucks, but this helps make it much more tolerable, easier, and provides an all around better rinse. And does it much faster.

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