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Post  Whatever on Thu Jan 28, 2010 6:51 pm

I made one out of a 28 oz stainless cocktail shaker, some brass fittings, a stainless laundry drain tube lint trap, a stainless sink drain trap, a stainless screw, hose clamp, RTV silicone, and a few hose clamps.

I have successfully fit 3/4 oz of whole/leaf hops. I haven't tried to fit more than that yet, but I might be able to do an ounce. I wouldn't recommend trying pellets unless they were in a bag of some sort.

I'll post some pictures at a later date, but if anyone is interested I can post a how to.

Total cost was around $30, but could be done for less than $20 with some questionable soldering of copper to stainless. Yes, it can be done...but the seal won't last without silicone.

It works, and has only a 1" drop in height from kettle to CFC, so I didn't have to change the height of my kettle/chiller setup.


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